Skinner Creek ESL (English) Summer Camp and Guest Ranch is a one of a kind environment that combines learning the English language with outdoor experiences. Doug, Julie, Colton and Courtney McMann love to have new people from around the world join them to have an exciting learning experience in a Canadian home.


Summer camp and theranch have been operating since 2004 and the McMann family has enjoyed having numerous home stay students live with them for the past 20 years. Julie McMann has also taught English for 20 years to students and adults in one-on-one tutoring and large classes.


The McMann's are experienced outdoors people who look forward to sharing their experiences with children and adults from every corner of the world.



Skinner Creek ESL Summer Camp and Guest Ranch is set in one of the most amazing places in British Columbia, Canada. The Chilcotin/Cariboo region of B.C. is famous for its unparalleled beauty and stunning scenery.


A beautiful 10 hour drive from Vancouver, Tatlayoko Lake is the perfect place to learn English with no distractions.

It is truly one of the last untouched areas of the world with clean air and natural wilderness. Mountains, lakes, rolling fields and meadows, thick forests and winding rivers, the Chilcotins in British Columbia, Canada holds everything a person from the city could imagine.


Skinner Creek ESL Summer Camp and Guest Ranch is the most unforgettable place to study and learn English or to have the perfect Canadian holiday.


All English summer camp students are picked up and dropped off at the Vancouver Airport. No additional travel is required once the Summer camp students arrive in Vancouver.

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