Frequently asked questions:

English Summer Camp


Q. Who will meet the students at the Vancouver International Airport?
A. At the Vancouver Airport, a Skinner Creek ESL (English) Camp staff will be waiting in the International Arrivals. They will be holding a sign with the students name on it. If students are travelling as an unaccompanied minor (UM), Julie McMann (owner/operator) will be there to sign for the child.


Q. Are there fees for airport pickups and airport drop offs?
A. No, there are no costs for airport pick up and drop offs.


Q. How will parents know that their children have arrived safely?
A. We will notify parents by e-mail or telephone when the student arrives.


Q. How much money should students bring?
A. Souvenirs and Skinner Creek clothing are available to purchase at the ranch but there are no planned shopping trips during ESL Summer camp. Students should not bring an excess of cash.


Q. How can parents contact their children at Skinner Creek ESL Summer Camp?
A. Parents can call Skinner Creek and messages will be taken if students are in class or outside. Students can purchase telephone cards to make calls home. Computers are only available for emails 30 minutes per week.


Q. What happens if a student becomes sick or hurt?
A. Students must have medical insurance coverage before they come to camp. Staff will collect the insurance so it is easily available in case of emergency. In case of sickness, accident, injury or emergency, Skinner Creek staff will accompany the student to receive medical attention.


Q. How young can students be to come and enjoy everything from English to horseback riding?
A. Students can join ESL Summer camp from 5 years old up to 18 years old. Younger students are carefully watched. Each student rides a horse for their level. All Skinner Creek horses are experienced with children and safety around horses is the first thing students are taught.


Q. Where do the students eat?
A. Students are provided 3 meals a day including breakfast, lunch and dinner in the main lodge and an evening snack before they go to their cabins.


Q. How do students do their laundry?
A. There is a washing machine and dryer for the students to use. Each cabin is assigned a day of the week that they can do their laundry. Staff will help if need be.

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